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ICT Solutions 2018-11-08 15:20:16
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  • About Me

    I am Thet Naing Win. I've passed matriculation exam with two distinctions (Chemistry & Physics) in July, 2003. And then I went to Computer University in December, 2003. I've finished my studies from Computer University in 2006. I've achieved B.C.Sc (Bachelor of Computer Science) degree in February, 2007. And then, I went to Singapore to work in June, 2007. And I also studied in Singapore Polytechnic while I am working. I've achieved S C N (Specialist Diploma in Computer Networking) from Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore in 2011. In this way, I was in IT field since 2007. I worked in many companies as a both of full-time worker and freelancer. I hope I can provide the best ICT solutions to your businesses. So I've established TNW (Web Service & ICT Solutions) with the purpose to be able to provide those who require the best ICT Solutions for their business.

    My Personnel Information is as following:

    Date of Birth : 20.03.1987

    National ID : 9/MTLA(N) 247939

    Passport :  ME669369 (Current), MA525447 (New) , 976090 (Old)

    B.C.Sc Graduate Registration No. : 8808 (UCSM)

    S C N Graduate Registration No. : 1055788 (Singapore Polytechnic)

    Contact No: +959421065399

    Sincerely, Thet Naing Win



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