1. Insert your usb disk  into your computer.

2. Press Windows + R  keys together.

3. Type cmd  in the run box and click Ok.

4. Type diskpart  in the command prompt and press enter.

5. Click Yes when the User Access Control Box is appeared.

6. Type list disk  in the command prompt.

7. You will see the disks.

8. Type select disk  1 or 2 or something  (choose the usb disk number you want to make bootable).

9. Type clean in the command prompt.

10. Type create partition primary.

11. Type select partition 1.

12. Type active.

13. Type format fs = ntfs . (Wait until the format completes)

14. Type assign .

15. Copy the Windows files and past those into the usb drive.

16. Now you can use this usb as a bootable drive .

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