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To open Computer Management Service Windows

1. Press Windows and R keys together at the same time. Run Box will be appeared.

2. Type compmgmt.msc in the run box and click OK.

Then, Computer Management Windows will be appeared.

There are Task Scheduler, Event Viewer, Shared Folders, Performance, Device Manager and Disk Management.

Task Scheduler

       We can create and manage tasks in our computer.

Event Viewer

       We can view all the events occurred in our computers.


       We can check CPU, Memory, Disk and Network. Click the Open Resource Monitor in the middle pane and  the following windows will be appeared.

To be fast and good computer, System Board, CPU, Memory and Hard Disk are needed to be in good conditions.  Our computer will not work properly if some of these things are not in good conditions. So,  We need to check CPU, Memory and Hard Disk.

Device Manager

       We can check all drivers are up to date or working properly.

Disk Management

       We can create new partitions and delete partitions.

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