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  • T N W provides the best solutions for your Office Network by the reasonable price.

    • Network infrastructure implementation
    • Installation and configuration of networking devices
    • Installation and configuration of file servers
    • Installation and configuration of network printers
    • Maintenance of Office Network by monthly or year contract




    Firewall filters the dangerous traffics from the outside networks and covers the internal users.



    Please click here to read about VPN.


    Bandwidth Management

    Which users should get more bandwidth according to the job requirements.


    Internet Access Management

    Some users are not allowed to access some websites, some users are allowed to access all websites, all the users are not allowed to download movies and songs from some websites, etc... within office hours so that all the staffs can do their jobs without any disturbance about using internet.


    Access Point Control

    For example, if you want to give internet access to the guests, those guests must do "Facebook Check In" to get internet access from your network.




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