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  • Yandex Webmaster is one of the best free SEO tools. 

    1. To use it, please crate a Yandex account or Login with Facebook or Google or Twitter. To login or create Yandex account, please click here.

    2. After login, please click here to enter Yandex Webmaster. 

    3. Click Add site, enter Site address,  click Add and follow the instructions to verify ownership. 

    4. There are three ways to verify ownership and please choose one you prefer.

    5. Click Check to be able know your website has been successfully added or not.

    6. After successfully adding the website, you can do so many things such as submitting sitemaps and checking the links.

    7. To crate sitemaps, we can write the codes ourselves or can use other third party websites. To use third party website, please click here.

    8. After creating sitemap, download it and upload to your web server or web hosting.

    9. And then, click Sitemap files under Indexing. Fill your sitemap URL under Add Sitemap File and click Add.

    10. You can check the Status if the submitting sitemap is successful or not. If the status shows Ok, you have already successfully submitted the sitemap.


    (note: if there is something difficulty in using Yandex Webmaster, please do not hesitate to contact me)