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  • Google Search Console is one of the best free SEO tools for your website. There are so many features we can do in it such as Performance, URL Inspection, Coverage and Sitemap.


    How to add your website Google Search Console

    1. Firstly click here to enter Google Search Console.

    2. Click Start now and type your domain or your URL and click continue.

    3. Follow the instructions to verify ownership. There are so many ways we can choose to verify ownership. 



     After your website has been successfully added to Google Search Console, visitors can see your website in Google and you can check how many clicks and impressions you have got daily or weekly or monthly. You can also check which key word was used by the visitors to get your website. You can also check Pages, Countries and Devices.



    We can check which pages have what kinds of errors.



    We can submit the sitemaps in the Google Search Console. We can write the codes ourselves or can use other third party websites to create sitemaps. 

    To use third party website, please click here. After creating sitemap, download it and upload to your hosting or server. After uploading, type the URL under Add a new sitemap and click submit.



    We can check External links, Internal links, Top linking sites and Top linking text.


    (note: if you have something difficulty in using Google Search Console, please do not hesitate to contact me).


    Thank you all.