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  • By using VPN, we can get so many advantages. We can hide the actual IP address and actual location. We can protect against the danger of the hackers. The hackers can't know which websites we browse by using VPN. We can browse every website without any restriction even if your ISP blocks some websites.

    The disadvantage of using VPN is that it may cause internet connection a little bit slower than normal. It is jus a little bit, not too much. So, we should use VPN if we want to get secured network connection.

    There are so many VPN software we can use in our computers. Some VPNs are free and some are not free. And we can also use Tor browser for VPN Service. It is totally free and auto VPN enabled browser. The problem is that some websites do not accept the Tor Browsers.

    Moreover, we can also use VPN Addons in the browsers. I've already explained how to configure VPN Services in the browsers. You can see those in my previous posts.

                            Thank You.