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  • Topics:
        Application Layer
        Applications: The Interface Between the Networks
        Making Provisions for Applicatoins and Services
        Application Layer Protocols and Services Examples
        OSI Transport Layer
        Roles of Transport Layer
        TCP: Communicating with Reliability
        UDP: Communicating with Low Overhead

        OSI Network Layer
        Nwtwork Layger: Communicating from Host to Host
        Network: Dividing Hosts into Groups
        Routing: How Data Packets are Handled
        Routing Processes: How Routes Are Learned

        OSI Data Link Layer
        Data Link Layer: Accessing the Media
        MAC Techniques: Placing Data on the Media
        MAC: Addressing and Framing Data
        Putting It All Together: Following Data Through an Internetwork

        OSI Physical Layer
        Physical Layer: Communication Signals
        Physical Signaling and Encoding: Representing Bits
        Physical Media: Connection Communication

        Activities and Labs