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  • It is a really cool software. There are so many features we can use in it to make computer run faster. 

    1. Health Check 

    We can check our computer health by using Health Check. If there are some issues, we can resolve those. 


    2. Custom Clean

    We can use this feature to clean up such as Internet cache, Internet histories, Cookies, etc., in the Browsers. It also cleans up some applications such as multimedia.


    3. Registry

    We can use this feature to repair registry errors.


    4. Tools

    We can use this feature to uninstall software, to update software, to manage Startup program, etc., . But, some tools are only for Pro versions.


    If you don't want to clean your computer manually, you should have installed this software in your computer. There are three versions in CCleaner. One is Free version and others are Pro and Pro Bundle versions. It is really nice to use although there are some limitations in free version. If you want to download free version, please click here.