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  • Why should we use bookmark in browsers?

    We can save all the good and useful websites we have browsed in the bookmarks bar. By doing so, you can easily enter the websites in next times without typing any character in the browser. The following is the way to use bookmarks bar in google chrome.

    1. Click three dot buttonĀ  at the upper right corner of the browser.

    2. Click bookmarks and click Show bookmarks bar again.

    3. Type a website name in the browser and press enter. (eg. www.tnw87.com).

    4. Click star buttonĀ  at the upper right cornet of the browser.

    5. Edit bookmark box will be appeared. In Name, you can give the name you wish and in Folder, choose bookmarks bar. And then, click Done.

    6. Now you will see TNW in the bookmarks tool bar. If you want to enter www.tnw87.com in future, you don't need to type any character in the browser. Just click in the Bookmars Bar.