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  • Bing Webmaster is one of the best free SEO tools with so many features such as Search Performance, URL Inspection, Site Explorer and Sitemaps.


    1. Firstly click here to browse Bing Webmaster and sign in with Microsoft account or Gmail or Facebook.

    2. There are two options to add your website into Bing Webmaster. One is importing from Google Search Console and another one is manually adding. Here I will choose Add Manually.

    3. Enter your site name and click Add.

    4. Follow the instructions to verify ownership. There are three ways to verify ownership. Choose one you prefer.

    5. After successfully adding your site to Bing Webmaster, you can submit sitemaps and you can do other things such as Checking back links and Keyword research.

    6. We can write the codes ourselves or we can use other third party websites to create sitemaps. To use third party websites, please click here.

    7. After creating sitemaps, download it and upload to the server or web hosting. 

    8. Click Submit sitemap and enter your sitemap URL and click Submit.


    (Note: if there is something difficulty in using Bing Webmaster, please do not hesitate to contact me)


    Thank you all.