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  • Sometimes, we face the problem that the files or folders in our computers or hard disk or memory sticks are disappeared or hidden. In this kind of case, we can use command prompt to recover those hidden files or folders. The following is the way to recover the hidden files or folders by command prompt in windows OS.

    1. Press Window + R keys together. Run Box will be appeared.

    2. Type cmd in Run Box.

    3. Check your drive is in which drive letter. Step 4 is the way to check drive letter.

    4. Press Window + E together. Then you will see your drive is allocated in which drive letter.

    5. Lets say your drive is in the drive name E. Type E: in the command prompt and press Enter.

    6. Type dir/a and press Enter. (you will see all the files and folders located in your drive).

    7. Type attrib -h -s -a -r  "hidden file / folder name" and press enter.

    8. In this way, you can get back all of your hidden files or folders one by one.